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I'm a musician first. I have spent decades mastering the technology that can ruin or make a musician's performance. Let me connect my expertise with your talent, ensuring the best performance each time you play a gig, do a session or just enjoy yourself playing at home.


As amplifier design has evolved, profit has been the primary goal leading manufacturers to make products with a 90% profit margin. The ten percent rule applies; if you spend $1500 on a new amplifier, it probably cost $150 to make, including shipping the chassis from the East and installing it in a box and it's "made in America."


Many pros have had me build a clone of their favorite vintage piece, so they can leave the real one at home while rigorously touring the clone with VERY few people being able to tell the difference. Many times you can find a broken amplifier online, send it to me for restoration, and end up with a better amplifier than you can buy new anywhere. I have thirty years of experience restoring rare vintage amplifiers for high profile customers—like you!


When I was a young guitar player I would take my guitar to someone who could barely play to set up my instrument. Often my guitar wouldn't play all or any chords in tune. After working on my technique I realized that something was off, and learned how to set the intonation on my own guitar. This opened up the mathematics of guitar design and allowed me to learn re-fretting, nut cutting, neck adjustment, and pickup installation. I can usually get a guitar playing better in about thirty minutes to an hour. It starts with re-stringing properly for starters. When I worked as a professional guitar tech on the road I would request all the instruments a few days before the tour and do a thorough set up on them, making the tour a breeze with just tuning and string changes. I can probably increase your guitar enjoyment.

I am also an electrician, but I prefer doing audio installations and acoustical treatments. I have wired many recording studios and created technology to achieve the best results.

As a home technology buff, I have installed surround sound systems and repaired so-called professional installations. It all starts at the wall.


Where you plug in can affect everything else down the road. It takes about 20 minutes to asses your power system and wiring. There are established audio standards beyond the National Electrical Code. Let me help you maximize your sound potential and logistical design.


I teach at the Chicago School of Guitar Making. We have classes called "Tube Amp Diagnosis 1&2." I have also taught seminars to groups on guitar pedal building, pedal board building, and amplifier design and building.

Sound system design and installation/road proofing can make or break your gig. Contact me if you are interested in providing a venue where we could profit from such an adventure.

My father always said it is important to pass it on. I intend to share my knowledge and experience with those who are hungry for technology—new and vintage.

We are only a phone call away

(615) 500-8904
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