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"I would recommend Kye as a good human being. I would recommend him, and have often, to all in the Nashville music community, for any maintenance needed on the precious, sometimes highly valuable and irreplaceable instruments that we rely on. When I needed wiring done in my studio, the first REAL studio I have ever had, I called him. I pretend he is somehow my cousin, though we have no proof such is true. I have never bemoaned the breaking down of any guitar amplifier of mine…because it was always an excuse to see him. I have enjoyed his wealth of knowledge and his humor to boot. He is a better guitar player than those whose amps he has worked on. He is very talented and very humble. I think the best way to describe him is to say that he has added to the quality of life for all who have been fortunate enough to cross paths with him."​

Gordon Kennedy, Songwriter/Artist/Producer, Nashville TN

"Big love to my friend Kye for getting these frets back in shape. This old battle axe was used on about 60% of Hudrograd."

—Christian Martucci, Stone Sour

"Having known Kye Kennedy for several years and working closely with him and utilizing his unique skill set for repairing musical instrument amplifiers and electronics, I would like to say he is among the best and most sought after tube amplifier technicians in the music industry. We have used his work and services to keep Chris sounding great for a long time and will continue to do so. We are one of many world class clients Mr. Kennedy works with. He's an exemplary character and craftsman."​

Chris Stapleton via Alex Alcocer

Kye has been taking care of my amps for over 25 years, so if you have any recordings I have played on in the past 25 years you are hearing amps that Kye has fine-tuned. Most all of my amps are Fender...tweed Deluxe, 57 tweed Pro, Blackface Deluxe, Blond Showman, Blackface Dual Showman, and Blackface name it and Kye can fix it. Kye has always been very fair and what he charges to repair my amps, I would gladly pay twice what he charges--he is that good! Now Kye has moved to Bend Oregon, but you can send him your amp for repairs, you don't need to send the whole amp, just the chassis, and he will send it back in tip top shape. Sure miss him here in Nashville, but I can see he is very happy in Bend!

—Dan Dugmore, Pedal Steel and Guitar player for

Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow,

Carrie Underwood and many others

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